MR. OTOMO Discusses Largest ‘Akira’ Mural, Kanye West & Supreme Collaboration

The legendary Japanese creative is joined by budding collage artist Kosuke Kawamura.

2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the cult animated film Akira, created and directed by legendary Japanese artist Katsuhiro Otomo. Since it’s 1988 launch, MR. OTOMO’s post-apocalyptic cyberpunk film has greatly influenced modern culture, especially in the west. It allowed fans from both the U.S. and U.K. to immerse themselves within Japanese culture, despite being set in the futuristic world of Neo-Tokyo. The film’s impact has also rippled into streetwear, as the anime franchise has done a handful of fashion collaborations, including a hype-filled partnership with Supreme for Fall 2017.

MR. OTOMO alongside Japanese collage artist Kosuke Kawamura were one of many honorable guests at the first-ever HYPEFEST event that ran through October 6-7 in New York City. The duo teamed up on the AKIRA ART PROJECT TYO/NYC at the festival which featured a special installation and limited edition Akira calendars for 2019. Each “A.D.2019 AKIRA ART WALL CALENDAR” arrived with an exclusive serial number, special packaging and a bonus Akira sticker. The installment was made in collaboration with GR8 and Gallery X by Parco.

We sat down with MR. OTOMO and Mr. Kawamura to discuss their HYPEFEST collaboration as well as rare insights surrounding the animated film. Read the full interview below and then check out our full HYPEFEST recap here.